Office parties
You are the best team, you understand each other well and wish to spend a certain holiday celebration together. You wish as well to have fun with the colleagues, you have reason for celebration, you wish to make a presentation of a product and have invited partners and guests. You have many reasons to organise professional party but have no time. Now is the time to give us a call and lets us take care of the organisation. Our event organiser will discuss with you then needs for your event and will suggest the best possibilities our team will then proceed to organise the event on your behalf and will deliver the best organisation for your special office event.

There are a couple of questions that we will need to discus with you which are:

 * Determine your purpose. Is this a celebration, presentation, team building or other.
 * Select a date. Having two dates in mind works best as you go through the initial steps; you may find you need it!

 * Determine Budget. If not done already, be sure to have this down we would require to know what budget you have available to be able to plan what we can include in the event.

 * Choose the type of the event: On buffet table, separate sitting tables, guest silver service and others.
 * Select location. We will be able to organise and book a location required by you specific or we will source out and suggest suitable locations.

 * Promote your event. Newsletters, brochures, flyers, radio spots, etc.
 * Write up event's agenda. Even if this is a company holiday party, it is helpful to have guidelines, games, etc which we will suggest for you to approve.
 * Find and hire caterer and entertainment. If these are being used and not provided by location. We will take care of the organisation once you make the choice which we present you.

 * Select menu. This is determined usually by type of event and time of day.

 * Printing for your event. Invitations, flyers, promotion items, logos for event.

 * Order hold-the-date cards and invitations. Now's a great time to use that logo for great brand marketing!

 * Select and purchase decorations. Balloons, murals, table covers, party flowers. You can even have your logo put on them.

 * Purchase Door Prizes. If having them, incorporate your logo if at all possible.

 * Get hotel room blocks. A great way to save money if you are using a hotel for your event.

 * Obtain audio visual equipment, if needed. Some hotels offer this service if your event is held there.

 * Obtain RSVPs. We would require confirmation at least a week prior to your event.

 * Finalize plans for the event. Meet with committee members at least a week in advance to finalize plans.

 * Enjoy your event! You have earned it. Now is the time to enjoy!