Reception - (bar/canapes)
The organisation for your party can be done very pleasant and dynamic by arranging the event into reception style where the guests are able to relax and mingle amongst each other while waiters and waitresses discreetly walk around and offer food and drinks.

In this way the event can be organised in a small space and the space is utilized to its full potential and the guests are evenly spread in the location. There are no table to take up space and as well people are not cramped around the food tables.

This type of event saves money since there is more money to be spend on food and drinks because there is no equipment such as tables to be organised.

The number of your guests and your budget per guest determines what type of food and drinks will be present and as well the quantity available per guest.

Our suggestion would be to organise several types off food on one platter and when the waiter/waitress walks by the guests, they can choose the food that they like. In this way all the guests will have access to all the different food at any given time.

The drinks are poured before hand and are served as well on platters which the waiters and waitress walk around the guests.  

Our suggestion is not to choose more than 3 types of alcoholic drinks this gives an good and comfortable selection at the same time not allowing strange mixing of alcohols.

Typical menus can be explored in the menu section on this site.