Saloon parties
When having a special occasion and wish to invite a large number of guests the appropriate event would be a saloon party with which assist in the complicated organisation and make it simple for. The salon party is appropriate for the following events: birthday, anniversary, housewarming, baby & bridal, graduation, proms & homecoming, weddings & engagement, retirement, promotion at work, christenings, cocktail parties, charity functions, garden & house parties, outdoor events, bachelor party, pet party. We can make one of these events feel and look like a fairy tale we will organise and choose the appropriate style for the event According to your needs and organise all the details.
To be bale to give you the best advice and for your event to be able to become the most special day for you would need to have answers to a couple of questions.

 * Purpose of your event - Is this a celebration, a fundraiser, an open house, etc.

 * Select a date - Having two dates in mind works best as you go through the initial steps; you may find you need it!
* Determine Budget - You would need to determine a budget for yourself with which budget we will work around to give you the best service and organisation. The budget should be determined per head and you should decide how many guest you will have.
* Organise with us free interview with Event Planner. You will be able to discuss the event in detail and our organiser will be able to give in written form what are our recommendation for your event.

 * Write up your event's agenda. Even if this is a company holiday party, it is helpful to have guidelines, games, etc.

 * Select menu.  Should you wish our event organiser can prepare and discuss with you menu for the event according to the guests tats and your budget.  Should you have specific food ideas we will be able to achieve them. If you want for the food to be prepared in your kitchen we will be able to supply the appropriate chefs.

 * Find printer for your event. We can organise as well on your behalf according to your taste and selection - invitations, flyers, promotional items, and logos for the event.
* Order hold-the-date cards and invitations. If you would like to save time we can take care of the invitations to reach your guest on time and to reserve any locations for the set date.
* Select and purchase decorations. We offer you: Balloons, murals, table covers, party flowers. You can even have your logo put on them.

 * If you don't have enough space at your property and have not chosen space for your event we can book a particular venue or choose a suitable venue for you book and organise the venue.

 * Obtain audio visual equipment, if needed. If your event is in a hotel most hotels offer this service. If however you require such organisation for the equipment our team can organise and supply the equipment.

 * Enjoy your event! -  You have earned it. Now is the time to enjoy!  

 * Cleaning after the event. We organise the most tiring off all- to clean up after your event our professional cleaners will leave your property spotless.