Silver Service

The organisation of this type of serving requires more space for the event to be held and organised. The idea is that the guests are seated on allocated seating arrangement around tables and this creates comfort to you and your guests. Each table is prepared beforehand with the appropriate cutlery and it is decorated for the appropriate occasion. Should you not have enough cutlery we will be able to supply on your behalf the appropriate numbers.

Food is served on three stages (with the exception off the cases in which you have specific requirements to follow specific tradition or arrangement we will be able to incorporate that and follow the particular arrangement):

starters (salad)
main course

Alcohol drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, wine and beer will be severed throughout the event, the glass wear are arranged on the table beforehand. You can choose the appropriate drinks for the event from our menu. If you have chosen the menu and have made all your arrangements we can offer you the waiters and waitress only. Our team has more than 5 years experiences in the catering industry and you will be happy with the professional staff that will be supplied to help you with the event and serving.