Wedding party
This is the most special day in your life, day that you will remember forever and you prefer to be organised perfectly, and at the same time for you to have time to make your dress, to collect your thoughts for the future family life and to make thousands of things that are expected from you. Trust ourselves. We are able to help you this day to be the most organised in your life. Give yourselves a bit of time before the serious engagements in life.
Here are some advises from us, what you need to know, to tell us and we will offer you the best organisation.

Choose together the date for your ceremony
Make a list of the guest from both sides that you would like to invite
Think for the funds and agree on it
Choose the place for the party (if you have not yet decided - allow us to give you some interesting ideas, or let us do the booking for you)
Choose the style of your party (if you have difficulties our experts will advise in accordance with the taste of your guests and your personal preferences)
Choose a menu or allow us to advice on the best option in accordance with your budget and the style of the ceremony.
Let us help you chose the design for your invitations and to make sure they will reach the guests in time.
If you still do not have let us propose to you a professional photograph who will turn these wonderful moments into memories.
Our team will do everything possible this day to be the most special for you. We can consult you, gives suggestions, propose ideas.
Allow us to help you to order and get the most wonderful cake for the wedding.
Let us welcome the guests for you, to make them sit comfortable and to serve them.
Let us show the guests to the door and to make sure that every detail is on its place, no matter of the place for your party, while you are enjoy yourselves as a family couple.

Give us a call and we will give the best advises how to handle such big celebration.

If everything has already been organised and you need just help, allow us to joint the organisation. We will do our best everything to be kept to the last detail.